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Dust2Dust Music Network is comprised of three distinct service centers, they are as follows:


Artist Representation

Prodigy Audio-Visual Studio

Prodigy Music Studio


Artist Representative


What is an artist representative and why does an artist or band need one?  The fact is that not every artist or band does.  If you're performing just for fun and have no desire to make money, then you most likely don't need  artist representation.  However, if you anticipate performing professionally and want to be paid a fair sum for your performances then a professional manager-agent is essential.


But where do you find the right manager-agent?  There's no easy answer to that question.  Our suggestion is simply to choose someone that you can 'trust' and that knows the entertainment business.


The trust factor is commonly referred to in legal and business circles as 'the fiduciary relationship.'  Most band's first temptation is to hire a family member, which is usually ideal from the trust perspective.  However, that usually is a very bad idea from a business stand point, unless you're as fortunate as some bands are, to have a family member that attends every performance and I do mean, every performance and that comprehends the complex and constantly evolving  entertainment business.


Beyond this school of thought, Dust2Dust Music Network , is a qualified manager-agent team.


There are many businesses and individuals that will jump at the chance to manage artists or bands.  Some are quite good at what they do, others, not so much.  Still others will roll out pages and pages of familiar acts aimed at impressing you into believing they are the solution to every challenge you may have.  Trust me, they're not.


In short, we're not interested in trying to lure you in with that approach.  In fact, we are extremely selective in deciding what artists or bands we will manage.  So, you might ask, what are you looking for in an artist or band?


Musician Performers Wanted


We are presently recruiting  jazz and rock musicians with the following skill sets for paid projects.  Collaboration is encouraged:


piano keyboard




bass (standing)


The following list will give you some insight into what we are looking for, however, keep in mind this list is only intended to provide a feel for what we are looking for; there are exceptions, if you are confident that you can meet our standards, please contact us to schedule an audition:


-Artist musicians that are currently attending an accredited U.S., trade school, college or university.  A music major is preferred but not required as long as the artist or band can prove performance experience, competency in music skills and has a positive and team attitude.


-Artist musicians that have earned a four year degree in music from an accredited college or university.  The artist musician must demonstrate proficiency in music, interpersonal skills and be team oriented.


-A proven talent that has performed locally and toured.  Artist musicians and bands willing to work hard.

-An artist musician or band that has a minimum of two years  experience performing  individually or as a group.

-A talent that has studio experience, that is; has recorded demos or albums.

-An individual artist musician or musical group with goals that include a positive outlook and a desire to improve in every way.

-Individual artist musicians or bands  willing to become  part of a team, with unselfish attitudes and  ability to undertake open discussion while controlling emotions.

-An individual or band that can reference a large audience that has expressed interest in their music.

All music genres are considered.


AR Assistance


Please keep in mind that Dust2Dust Music Network will work with artist musicians and bands on  an 'agreed to' limited basis.  ie:  Assistance with booking, branding, organizing and more.




The Chilean dessert is perhaps the most inhospitable place on earth.  A small oasis is home to its people.  Self sustaining, they cultivate their own food and virtually everything they need to survive.


 An American recently visited and was taken back by the content nature of the people he met.  On one occasion, he asked an indigenous woman how she and her people could be so happy living under such harsh and isolated conditions.  Without hesitation, the young woman answered:


'When you love what you do; you have what you need.'


We've adopted this philosophy because it bears a striking similarity to passionate musicians we've met and frankly, to how we view the entertainment business.


There is no career that offers a broader influence among people than music.  The various genres of music contribute endlessly to the lives of their  many listeners.  From soothing jazz to soft tunes, the passionate sounds of country, classic rock, dance pop and smash mouth metal.  It's all music. The insatiable appetite for it transcends every culture and every continent on our planet.


The prospect of delivering a quality product to  as many people as possible motivates us to use our experience and the enormous pool of talent available to us to inspire and support musicianship, live music.


We are a uniquely dynamic management team with a wealth of business experience. Including rare hands-on tour experience in the entertainment industry   If you feel that you or your group are ready to advance to the next level, you will need a professional manager, agent and advisor (consultant).


While others will produce endless lists of artists they represent, we intentionally limit our interests to select artists or groups that demonstrate a genuine passion for live music or the arts.


Mediocrity is not in our vocabulary.  We are interested in artists that are committed to improving their skills in order to equip themselves to refine their craft prior to taking on the enormous challenge of performing professionally and running a successful music enterprise.


While starting a band may not have the feel of a business at the outset, every successful artist -musician can attest that; inevitably any serious music pursuit will require business savvy to survive.















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