Dust2Dust Music® Live Music Global Network Dust2Dust Music, Live Music Global Network, brings live music to people on global stages, at weddings, black tie events, special occasions, on street corners, in back yards, tiny pubs, neighborhood coffee shops or practically anywhere else. Welcome! Please visit both Prodigy studios for details. 'Live music is infinite. The instant a note is born it travels the universe. Man alone is not its author, for creatures of all kinds harmonize with the Mother Earth and nature. Throughout time, live music has been performed by every culture, every human. But live music is passion. It is the spirit, immortal. Live music, like man, is born naked. Unspoiled. Whether it originates with creatures or humans it requires little more than life. Live music is energy, that from which the living become. We are live music on its eternal journey. Birds lead creatures in song. Live music; an ancient eternal precept, is the Creator, our peace.' -Douglas Rodriguez In loving memory, of our live music adviser, friend and eternal sound engineer. Michael Fleury ‘Fish’


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