Dust 2 Dust Music Network is the brainchild of co-founders, (Guitarist-Vocalist) Andrew J. Rodriguez and (Drum Set Drummer, Percussionist, Vocalist) Robert F. Rodriguez and


Andrew earned his MBA (masters of business administration) degree at Kansas Wesleyan University in 2017, Robert is slated to complete his BA (bachelor of arts) degree at Kansas State University 2018.


Brothers, Andrew and Robert, are the founders of the heavy metal band, ELCTRIKCHAIR, which they formed in Aurora, Colorado in 2002.  EC was signed to global music distribution label, Blastzone Entertainment Group, KY in 2009. EC performed at major U.S. music festivals and at icon venues including:  The Milwaukee Metal Fest (2004 and 2007) Whisky a Go Go, Troubadour, the legendary CBGBs and The Doll Hut [Social Distortion] home venue.


EC currently books only major global music festivals or events.


After touring the U.S. and Vancouver BC (Canada) with EC, the duo opted to create Dust 2 Dust Music Network in order to collaborate with artist musicians around the world and back live music.  Dust 2 Dust Music Network was launched at Falcon, Colorado in 2005.


Dust 2 Dust Music Network invites artist musicians to complete the 'Roster  Information Form.'  Click 'Musicians' to access the Roster Information Form.  Only artists with a minimum of two years provable stage performance experience will be considered for the musician roster.  Exceptions are outstanding young music talent or musicians with extensive formal music education which will be substituted for stage performance experience.  Artist musicians will be intensely auditioned prior to being assigned to music projects.  All music projects are paid.


In order for live music's long standing tradition to be sustainable into the foreseeable future funding is essential.  Music fans are encouraged to contribute to Dust2Dust Music Network.  Large and small contributions are equally appreciated.  Please help us support live music, make  your contribution now.  Thanks!


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