Dust2Dust Music® Live Music Global Network


Dust 2 Dust Music Network is the brainchild of sibling (brothers) co-founders.


(lead guitarist, bassist, vocalist) Andrew J. Rodriguez and


(set drummer, percussionist, bassist, pianist, vocalist) Robert F. Rodriguez.


The duo co-founded their band, Elctrikchair, in Aurora, CO in 2003, touring throughout the United States and in Vancouver, BC for over a decade.  


Andrew earned his MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree at Kansas Wesleyan University in 2017.  He is an Honor Society invitee.


Robert is currently touring internationally and will soon complete his undergraduate degree at Kansas State University and begin working on graduate studies.


Dust2Dust Music Network is a global roster of professional musicians interested in contributing to live music projects.


*All performances are paid.


Eligibility:   Artist musicians must have performed live on stage for a minimum of two years or be able to demonstrate exceptional talent and maturity.


Minor artist musicians (under age 18) must have written consent from one or both parent(s) indicating that the parent(s) are willing to accompany their child for the duration of every performance or event.


 Artist musicians will be intensely auditioned prior to being assigned to music projects.  



























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