Live music gets my support.


Our cause is 'live music.'  You can become a huge part of this movement.  Every dollar matters.  Our mission is to preserve live music so that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy it.


Our commitment and dedication to preserving the incredible tradition of live music is not without challenges.  Any contribution you make is genuinely appreciated.  Contributions can be cash, real property or any owned assets of value.  Please use the contact form if you would like to make a non-cash contribution.


How will your contribution be used?


Whether your contribution is large or small, we are prepared to grant your wishes.  Simply tell us how much of your contribution you want designated to administrative costs, the rest will be used to support grades K-12 and collegiate music programs.  We can't make live music sustainable into the future without your help.  We abide by applicable law in reporting all contributions through a transparent accounting process.


Thank you for sharing our passion for live music and for recognizing that your selflessness will bring the wonderful experience of live music to young and wise.  You are the reason many of them will have an opportunity to enjoy live music.


Contributions may be tax deductible.  Please defer any questions to a qualified tax professional in order to ensure accuracy of tax related information.


Science tells us that light and sound travel across the ages, through time and space for infinite distances.  Live music written and performed today will travel just as sunlight does.  Your sound will be heard, perhaps by yet to be discovered civilizations.  Music, real music; is live.



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