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Q  Does Dust2Dust Music Network work with young musicians?


A   Yes.  D2DMN includes Prodigy Music Studio.  Young artists that are interested in learning to play drum set are encouraged to get started as early as possible.  An early start is a tremendous advantage.


Q  How can I qualify as a Dust2Dust Music Network artist musician?


A   Ideally, you must have earned a degree at an accredited college or university, preferrably in music.  However, all degrees are considered if the prospect can demonstrate talent and music proficiency.


Q  Can a musician qualify as a Dust2Dust Music Network artist without a college or university degree?


A  Yes.  As long as the prospect is already pursuing a college or university degree in any field and can demonstrate talent and music proficiency.


Q  Can a prospect become a D2DMN member without attending college or having a college or university degree?


A  Requiring a college or university degree is not meant to exclude non-degreed talent.  However, we do set an academic standard because individuals who are earning or have earned college or university degrees have demonstrated the ability to set goals and achieve them as well as a desire to improve themselves.  However, D2DMN will audition non-degreed talents that can demonstrate music proficiency and prove a genuine intent to enter an accredited college or university at a future date or display exceptional maturity in working with others.


Q  Are D2DMN artist musicians paid?


A  Yes.  All of our bands and artists are paid at market competitive rates.


Q  Does D2DMN book for bands and artists?


A  Yes.  You must first be accepted as a D2DMN member group or artist.  Once you have, D2DMN will handle all booking for you.


Q  Does D2DMN sponsor its own events?


A  Yes.  D2DMN sponsors community friendly events and provides professional entertainment.  All D2DMN members are eligible.  Selecting an artist or group for an event will depend on the appropriateness of the artist or group for the specific event.


Q  Does D2DMN sponsor community charity events?


A  Yes.  A portion of the proceeds raised from such efforts will go to the charity.  The performing D2DMN artists or group will be paid from revenues raised.


Q  How does D2DMN make membership decisions?


A  The artist or group desiring membership in D2DMN will be invited to audition.  Auditions will include individual interviews to determine the level of music commitment each artist or musician possesses.


Q  What kind of organization is D2DMN?


A  D2DMN is a private organization open to everyone and committed to cultural and ethnic diversity.


Q  Do D2DMN members have music related benefits?


A  Yes.  D2DMN members can utilize all Prodigy Studio Services at reduced rates.  Please refer to the D2DMN homepage for a list of available services.



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