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So what exactly is mastering?  Mastering is a type of audio that can result after initial production.  It is the final compiling and moving of recorded audio from a final mix format to a stored data [CD] system, which is referred to as the master.  The master serves as the primary compilation from which duplications can be made.  Digital mastering is the latest and most technically advanced method.  Although some analog masters still exist, most have been fazed out or remain in existence only because analog is a preferred method by a select number of audio professionals.


An audio professional has a 'trained ear.'  In the early days of mastering, detecting flaws depended nearly entirely on the ear of the engineer.  However, computer software has changed that approach forever.  Quality speaker monitors and the design of the studio are critical to flaw detection.  The audio engineer may use an equalizer or dynamic enhancer to optimize sound.  This process must include all forms of audio play, otherwise the sound quality will vary dramatically from one to the other.  The audio engineer generally provides his client with a master and retains the original in the event that it may become necessary to produce another master in the future.


In the early days of mastering, preparing a studio was absolutely critical.  Foam and other barriers were used to make a room sound friendly.  Modern mastering is not nearly as dependent on the listening area.  Computer software still does not detect imperfections, detection is entirely dependent upon the human ear.  The software can only make the necessary corrections to improve the overall quality of the recording.


Ideally, our audio engineer is trained on state-of-the-art computer software and more importantly, has years of listening experience.  Although computer software has simplified the mastering process, the quality of the finally mastered product is almost entirely dependent upon the audio engineer's ability to utilize the software to correct detected flaws.  Anyone can purchase mastering software but very few audio engineers have the knowledge and training to combine the human ear element of mastering with modern electronic tools to deliver a 'mastered' music product.  This process is extremely difficult.  Don't try it at home unless you're committed to acquiring the necessary knowledge, purchasing the expensive equipment and putting in the endless hours of practice (years) refining your listening skills.  Not everyone is born with the listening ear.  It is, like everything else, a talent.  Put your trust in us to get it done right.


If you have a library of recorded music that you would like to improve through the process of mastering, you now have that opportunity.  Better yet, you don't have to travel to get it done.  The clarity of your original individual tracks will dictate, to a large extent, the quality of the mastered product.  All we need is a copy of your music and your current street address so the master can be mailed to you.  You can submit your music to us at the following email address:





Payment can be handled through our convenient PayPal service on the web store page of this website.  Please feel free to contact us 24-7 with any questions you have through our convenient contacts form.  Thank you for your interest in our services.  We're looking forward to working hard to deliver the quality finished music product you envision.

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