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Andrew J. Rodriguez


Audio Engineer, Photographer, Videographer and Lighting Manager:


BGS, Audio Engineer, Studio Musician (guitar, vocal coach, bass guitar, record, mix, master, edit sound)




University of Kansas

Bachelor's Degree:

Film and Media Studies






(special occasion, documentary)

Film Production


Stage Lighting


Rodriguez is among the best national and international touring shred guitarists in the business.  He is classically trained and performs as a studio musician supporting individual artists and bands.


Andrew began recording sound in 2003, he acquired his proficient sound mixing skill as an apprentice to various sound/stage engineers on the live tour circuit and as a freelance live and studio sound manager.  He recorded all singles and albums for his touring band.


Additionally, he managed stage lighting for mainstream entertainers at the Expo Center in Topeka, Kansas.


Studio Preparation


First, don't schedule a studio session unless you have rehearsed the material you intend to record and are satisfied that it's as tight as it can be.  There is a saying among audio engineers that accurately sums up this point.  Simply said, you can't polish a turd.  Meaning, once you've recorded hastily and without attention to the quality of what you have recorded, you're stuck with it and no audio engineer can fix it.  It is what it is.


Second, if you're a band and not getting along with one or more of your band mates before entering the studio, getting along in the studio will be far more difficult and may impede or compromise the finished product.  Be aware that the studio is going to reveal every artist's shortcomings to the world.


Third, how artists conduct themselves outside the studio is entirely their business.  However while they are in studio we expect professional conduct, in every regard, at all times.  Illegal contraband of any kind is never permitted on premises.  Artists and bands that want their monies worth must show up ready to work hard and without influences other than their normal state-of-mind.  Failing to do so will inevitably result in a compromised final product.


Fourth, every artist strives to make their product the best it can be.  Which is why we emphasize rehearsing thoroughly before scheduling a studio session.  The artist should have a clear vision of what is  acceptable as a finished product.  Remember your audio engineer is on the clock.  While he doesn't mind spending as much time as you desire on a project, the artist should know what they can afford and discuss with the audio engineer, prior to a recording session, what expectations and limits exist.  The audio engineer will work within those parameters to deliver the highest quality product possible.  Please keep in mind that once a studio session begins to exceed previously discussed expectations of the artist and the audio engineer, the audio engineer will let the artist know.  At that point the artist must decide if the finished product quality is acceptable or if the artist desires to commit more resources to improving the product.


The audio engineer will meet with every artist and band prior to a scheduled recording session to permit a tour of our studio and an opportunity to evaluate tone preferences.











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