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Robert F. Rodriguez


Drum set Instructor:


 Studio Musician (drums, percussion, bass guitar, vocal coach, video editor)






Professional National and International Touring Drummer


Kansas State University

School of Music

Music Education Major

CJE [Concert Jazz Ensemble]

Lab A [Jazz Ensemble]

Concert Band

Percussion Ensemble

Little Apple Barber Shop (Professional Vocal Group)

The Pride of Wildcat Land Marching Band Drumline



Drum set Lessons


-Flexible scheduling for beginner, intermediate and  professional drummers.


-Prodigy Music Studio is designed to accommodate all drummers including aspiring individuals.


-Unique to our studio is the opportunity to learn all styles of drumming.  From easy listening jazz to hard rock and everything in between.


-Quality drumming like any acquired skill requires mastering the basics, the fundamentals.  While learning the basics may not initially seem very exciting, patience will be rewarded with the ability to combine talent with knowledge.  A formula that can lead to extra-ordinary success.


-A single lesson or two is not recommended for the serious drummer.  Rather, a thorough lesson plan that evaluates the pace of the student, the difficulty of the material being taught and the goals and objectives of a drum set study combine to deliver the best opportunity for preparing anyone in a proper learning environment.


-Without mistake, there is a place for raw drumming.  Punk or garage bands thrive on it.  So where an individual wants to fit in is a personal decision.  We are prepared to teach drumming at all levels.


-For those that envision drumming in a university setting in anticipation of preparing to perform professionally or who are already performing at a professional level the standard is much higher and the education continues.


Kansas State University

School of Music


Kansas State University professors are polished musicians who have invested a great deal of time, money and energy into acquiring and refining their drum set and music skills.  They do so in anticipation of passing their work ethic and polished skills on to their students.


Deciding to take drum set lessons is a real commitment.  Ideally, it's an investment that will pay off sometime in the future.


But there is room for those aspiring to learn drum set skills as a mere experience, that is; so that they can be better positioned to decide if being a drum set drummer is really what they want.  There is no harm in taking drum set lessons for fun as long as the individual understands the cost and recognizes how the knowledge acquired in this process can contribute to them as a person.


Every drum set drummer at every skill level must continually work at retaining and improving their skills.  Since drumming depends on one's natural sense of timing, some will find that keeping a beat is natural and doesn't require much effort.  If an individual is fortunate enough to have the natural ability to keep time, they are likely to be very creative and their drumming will tend to be much more dynamic.  While the metronome is an essential teaching tool, any serious drum set student, at some point, will be exposed to it whether or not they want to be.  So it's best to accept that reality.  However, the metronome can be a drummer's best friend or worst enemy.  Continuous use of a metronome can cause it to become a crutch.  In other words, a drummer can come to rely so much on a metronome that they no longer use their natural sense of timing, that can be good or bad, depending upon a drummer's natural abilities.


Regardless of all the challenges an individual will face becoming a drum set drummer, it is an undertaking that; if nurtured properly, can deliver rewards and fulfillment beyond all expectations.


At Prodigy Music Studio, we welcome the opportunity to work with you toward your goals.  If you envision yourself becoming a set drummer, don't waste another minute, pick up the phone, give us a call and let us help you pursue the fun and exciting challenge of developing real skills necessary to reach your worth-while music goals.










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